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Beer+Bubs Father Jordan with his new arrival

Jordan’s “Beer+Bubs” Birth Story

I am Jordan, I’m 29 and my wife Brooke is 32.  We have just had our little boy Leo born in March 2014, and this is our birth story. We’ve both been around children a lot in our lives.  Brooke has had lots of experience with babysitting, and my older sister has 4 children ranging from […]

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Today’s Dads

My parents were born in 1915, I am the youngest of 5, my parents were in there 40’s when I was born in 1956. I was mum’s first Caesarean, after which she spent the then usual 10 days in hospital. Mum told me dad was very good at helping out with the first couple of […]

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A Reflection on Birth – Simons Story

Simon Bradbury ~ Simon is a father of three who all arrived via very different delivery methods. From a medically recommended caesarean in 2003, to an unexpected VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean) in 2009 with an array of medical aids, to a natural, drug free and informed VBAC delivery in 2011. Simon is the proud […]

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Should men attend the birth of their baby? Not if they would rather be at the dentist.

“What used to be the secret business of the women’s circle is now the expectant father’s job description.” Lucy Perry, Cheers to Childbirth: a dad’s guide to childbirth support, Pure Publishing 2010. Unlike their fathers, men in the twenty-first century are encouraged to be present at the births of their babies. In fact, it’s a […]

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Top tips for first time fathers: those first few weeks with your newborn

“Anyone who tells you that the first weeks of their baby’s life were a walk in the park was either residing in another country to said newborn or seriously embellishing the truth. It’s exhausting but it’s not permanent.” Lucy Perry, Cheers to Childbirth: A Dad’s Guide to Childbirth Support, Pure Publishing, 2010. I’m sometimes asked […]

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