Hypnotic States, Childbirth and the Voice of Dad

It is widely accepted that birthing women enter a natural trance-like state which is
natural hypnotic state. We know that in order for women to enjoy the benefits of
this state (disassociation from time, pain, outside influences) her partner plays a
key role in minimising distractions, managing medical staff and not engaging in too
much questioning. But the role of the partner in supporting this natural hypnotic
state goes much further.

As a clinical hypnotherapist I know the power of the trance and the capacity for it
focus attention in the most amazing ways. My office for example is in a busy CBA
location, yet once in a trance and preset to ignore external noises, those under
hypnosis are uninterrupted by passing cars, building works, or loud voices from
other offices. My clients have their attention focused and only need to listen to
my voice, not that of the cleaner emptying nearby bins, or dishes being clashes in
the kitchen.

The same applies to childbirth, the focus of attention should be directed towards a
helpful, encouraging, peaceful source (dad/partner) rather than the kitchen staff
delivering morning tea, the screeching woman next door, or the medical staff
discussing potential complications. Naturally the attention will go to the partner,
his calming words, his enourgaging touch. So words of wisdom fellas… make sure
your words are calming and your touch encouraging.

Women often recall the words of their supportive partner during birth and are
oblivious to the constant ins and outs of medical staff. Yet the man will recall
staff conversations, loud noises, temperature changes, alarming conversations and
more. Your voice, your words, your presence is profound and influencial – use it

As a clinical hypnotherapist, I am also known for ranting about the expertise of
those who hypnotise. My general rule is if you are not qualified to do this without
hypnosis, then you are not qualified to do it with hypnosis! Well let me tell you
something fellas, you are qualified. The hypnosis takes care of itself, as a
natural trance state of labouring women (JOB 1 covered) and you are the single most
qualified person in that room to calm, nurture, protect and love your partner. You
do it at home, you can do it here.
Keep your words positive, your voice gentle, your presence close, and you will be
the expert birthing partner for a woman in a natural trance!

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