Can I bring my wife?
Nope. These sessions are just for the lads. It gives men an opportunity to meet other guys in the same boat and talk about this childbirth caper in manly terms. It also gives men a chance to ask questions that they may not want to discuss with their partner. Don’t worry ladies – we’ll look after them. They’ll be off the hook by 9.45pm.

What is the format for the night? 
This is an information session, not facilitated group counselling. Your Beer + Bubs presenter will talk through informative but entertaining content during which you may ask questions whenever you like, as long as it is relevant. Over dinner, you will be able to chat with other men in the same father-to-be boat or ask questions of your presenter. After dinner there is more content presented to the group with more opportunity for questions. You can stay afterwards to ask more questions if you like. The format is not a workshop-style talk through your feelings but rather a pacey information session where you can ask the burning questions.

What do I get for my sixty-five bucks?
A memorable night! The info session goes for an hour, then we break for dinner. Your cover price includes a hearty pub dinner (you buy your own drinks). After dinner we have another one hour power session. It will be the best fifty-five bucks you spend during the whole pregnancy. What a bargain. Tell your friends.

At what stage during the pregnancy should I come to a Beer + Bubs session?
Any time you like. The last trimester is ideal if you have a bad memory and think you might not remember what you’re supposed to do when the birth is due. Don’t leave it to the last month before your baby is due. Beer + Bubs sessions are often fully booked and babies sometimes come early! And there are no refunds.

Is booze a big part of the night?
No. The guys usually have a beer (or a soft drink if they prefer) when they arrive at the pub. They may have another when we eat dinner. We always announce “rethink your third drink if you are driving!” after dinner. The guys are not beating a path to the bar during the session. They only have two opportunities to head to the bar. When we finish at 9.45pm, most of the guys are keen to head home rather than to the bar.

Can partners from same-sex couples who are expecting a baby attend?
Of course.

If we are having a scheduled Caesarean, is the content relevant?
Sure is. Much of the program content applies to couples intending on a vaginal birth but we also specifically cover what to expect and what will be expected of you if you have a Caesarean. We also cover more general content including what to say and what not to say to a birthing woman, how to be an advocate for her and we touch on life after birth – all relevant to a surgical birth.

If I get cold feet and change my mind, forget to attend or our baby arrives before the session I am booking into, can I have a refund?
No there are no refunds. Our refunds policy is very clear before you pay and it says: PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE ARE NO REFUNDS but that you can switch to another date or transfer your booking to someone else if something comes up.

Are you a bunch of hippy home birthers who are going to tell me to eat the placenta? Alternatively, are you hard-nosed hospital folk who don’t believe in natural birth?
Neither! Beer + Bubs is inclusive of all models of care so we really don’t mind if you are birthing at home (or in a tee pee) or in a hospital, with a midwife or a private obstetrician. We don’t care if you want to have a natural birth or a medicated birth. It’s irrelevant. We are all about helping men make the most of the childbirth journey, regardless of their model of care, and we do that without judgement.

If this is a session for men, why are almost all the presenters chicks?
Beer + Bubs presenters are experienced childbirth educators and in most cases are either practicing doulas (birth attendants) or midwives, so they have seen many women give birth and know how to support a woman emotionally and physically. All the women who present Beer + Bubs are mothers and so they know exactly how it feels to give birth and what your partner might be going through. A bloke can really only guess and cannot tell you first hand what it feels like to give birth or what the pain of childbirth feels like. We do have one male presenter who can relate to the guys as an ex-brickie and bartender. He’s been catching babies for 20 years and slaps the boys in Hobart into line. We always invite a dad back to a session to tell his birth story from his perspective so you can hear about a recent birth from a dad who’s just been there.

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