Childbirth classes on the Sunshine Coast for men

Expectant fathers are often left out of the conversation when it comes to childbirth education, antenatal classes or prenatal preparation. However, when it comes to the crunch, the boys are expected to play a significant part on the day their baby is born. Unfortunately, no one has prepared men for that role.

Prenatal classes on the Sunshine Coast: for the lads

Well not anymore Queenslanders! Beer + Bubs has been running in Sydney pubs since 2004. It’s a one-night session at the pub just for expectant fathers on how to support a women through childbirth and it comes highly recommended by midwives, obstetricians and other birth professionals from all major Australian hospitals.

Expectant dads won’t be bored to snores with more detail than they need to know about obstetric complications. Beer + Bubs really focuses on the role of the support person and what they need to know to help a woman have an easier, faster labour.

Expectant dads will discover how to be an active and effective member of the birth team to make the most of what can be one of the most memorable days of a man’s life.

  • What to say and what not to say to a labouring woman
  • Great ideas for how a bloke can help with pain relief
  • How to be an advocate for the birthing mother
  • What should a dad being doing during each stage of labour
  • What to do when the birth plan says “no epidural” but your partner is begging for one
  • How to wrangle birth hormones for a fast, easier labour
  • What to expect from a casearean, unplanned or not
  • What to expect (and not to expect) from your caregivers

Antenatal classes on the Sunshine Coast: for blokes