Childbirth classes in Perth: for men

Childbirth is not only about the woman’s experience. Women certainly have the task (and some might say privilege) of giving birth, but fathers are part of the birthing journey too and are often left out when it comes to childbirth education, antenatal classes or prenatal preparation.

Prenatal classes in Perth: for the lads

Well not anymore Perth! Beer + Bubs is a one-night session at the pub just for expectant dads on how to support a women through childbirth whether they are giving birth in a private hospital, a public hospital birth unit or at home.

Expectant fathers won’t be bored to snores with too many details on all the obstetric complications to fear. Beer + Bubs really focuses on the role of the support person and what they need to know to help a woman have an easier, faster labour. And its all washed down with a pub dinner and a beer.

  • What to say and what not to say to a labouring woman
  • Great ideas for how a bloke can help with pain relief
  • How to be an advocate for the birthing mother
  • What should a dad being doing during each stage of labour?
  • What to do when the birth plan says “no epidural” and your partner is begging for one

Click here for a feature article on Beer + Bubs in Midwifery News Magazine, the member mag for the Australian College of Midwives.

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Antenatal classes in Perth: for blokes

Perth sessions are often fully booked so get in quick!

We are all new for 2017, with Kelly Evans at the Rubix Bar (Ibis Hotel), Murray St Perth!