ONLINE RESOURCES FOR DADS ON BIRTH, CHILDBIRTH, PREPARING FOR FATHERHOOD, PARENTING AND YOUR BABY – If you loved the session at the pub, you’ll love the book by Lucy Perry – Our blog: the latest news on all things birthy and blokey – Huge range of organic baby products – Building Better Dads is a fatherhood program available in Northern Rivers NSW – A great resource for fathers which is bloke friendly and practical – Service for men dealing with family and relationship difficulties – An Australian resource for dads – Find a doula in your area to support you through the birth – Excellent resource on depression for both mums and dads – Pregnancy support hotline – Circumcision information Australia – the epidural debate: consider the pros and cons by Penny Simpkin – Anti-immunisation information – Pro-immunisation information – For the heat packs that we recommend – family health centre in Sydney run by highly recommended practitioners – great books, courses and teleseminars on gentle sleep techniques for babies – call the free helpline for assistance with breastfeeding problems – ideal if you would like to brew a special beer to wet the baby’s head!